May 9, 2012


Shamelessly, I admit that I jumped on the bandwagon with the Fifty Shades trilogy. I was hesitant to begin to read it afraid that I wasn't going to connect with the characters because, lets face it, not too many of us are into BDSM. I lacked the insight to what the novel was really about before I began to read it, but now that I've read all three books, I could not be happier that I did.
Yes, the book is graphic. Yes, its a love story. And yes, its fiction; but I can't help that I feel like I've completely fallen in love with these characters.
Not to my surprise, this book is being turned into a movie, YES! Which is what brings me to write this post. I cannot stress the importance of depicting these characters correctly in the movie. One wrong move with the casting, and it'll go up in flames. We, as a whole, have the dire need to see what we've been reading, and although the characters have been left up to interpretation of each individual's "dream guy", these expectations need to be fulfilled. So, brace yourselves. I've compiled the top three of my favorites for your enjoyment.

Anastasia Steele:

Allison Williams, Camilla Belle, Shailene Woodley
 Christian Grey:

Matt Bomer, Chris Pine, Ian Somerhalder
Kate Kavanagh:

Blake Lively, Ashley Greene, Emmy Rossum 

Mrs. Robinson (Elena Lincoln):

Ellen Barkin, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone
Just a little something to get you thinking.

Hope you enjoyed!!