February 22, 2012


So it's only fair that I begin by talking about my latest obsession: PINTEREST.
OMG. A way to organize, pin and inspire yourselves through pictures! And not only pictures, there are recipes and work-out routines and super cute outfits too! For the last few weeks I have been on there nonstop, let's not bring this up at our weekly status meeting at work, but it's so much fun! I can literally browse through endless amounts of pictures and just "repin" to my liking, and the best part is that there's no end. The pictures are constantly refreshing themselves so there's always something new to look at. It's seriously the latest craze. Everyone has one it seems like. OscarPRGirl has one, Nina Garcia has one...everyone!
So if you've been one of the many to jump on this band wagon, be sure to follow me!


February 3, 2012


In commemoration of the Heart Disease Association's "Go RED for Women" I've decided to do a little post about all things red that I love. And what's more appropriate than doing it during the red color enthusiast itself, February!
I'm talking about my favorite items ladies and gents, so brace yourselves.

RED dress:
Camilla Belle looks absolutely stunning in this red dress.
RED head:
Emma Stone as a red head = <3
RED lipstick:
M.A.C. 's Red Woo lipstick is by far the best blue-red lip color that exists.
RED polish:

OPI's "oh to be 25 again" is a perfect red for day or night!
RED bag:
Who doesn't love a classic red Kelly bag??
RED shoe:
Alright, so sue me. I didn't choose a red shoe per say but a red sole is by far the sexiest!

RED food:
Happy Valentine's