January 26, 2011

Great Minds

Considering that the current quarter that I am in is my second to last quarter before graduating-I've had to fill my schedule in with a million electives and most of the ones that were available with my schedule were history classes...dreadful right?
Well, I was never really into history and I always had a "what happened, happened" mentality. But after having to endure a total of three history classes-back to back-this quarter I have actually enjoyed and truthfully gained so much knowledge and information. I look back to my history classes in high school where dozing off was just as common as having to pee and I want to slap myself in the face!
I guess that after all these years of learning the same material, now is when I've gained a real appreciation for it.
I don't really understand why all of a sudden I've gained an interest in history nor could I explain it-but it really inspires me! Just to know that what we have today comes from a foundation of so many before us-with an unbelievable amount of limited resources.
What truly inspires me the most is the courage some of these men had to bear for the sake of knowledge. I don't want to bore you with a history lesson, but there was a time in the 16-17th century where the biggest item in the black market were books! During this time, people were so hungry to learn, eager for knowledge that they actually risked their lives (because knowledge lead to questioning of the Church a.k.a heresy) for the sake of gaining information. They were so curious about life and their surroundings-they didn't care about the King or the Church or God, they just wanted to know the truth! The scientific facts that the Church had censored and had kept from them-and because of this-most were burned at the stake.
I find it really amazing the incredible feats some of the world's greatest minds had to go through, the cautions they had to take and the fear of making new discoveries. I dedicate this post to those great minds in hope that their courage will too inspire some of you. Most of these things are taken for granted today, but it's nice to take a step back and realize why it all started and how it all started.


January 25, 2011

Girl Crush ♥

It's no wonder that in December of 2010, this little hottie patottie was named Best Dressed. Her impeccable style and exquisite taste has got me girl crushing. This girl of the moment may have made face not too long ago-but if she keeps this up-she'll be around for a long time...<3
One of the things I love most about Olivia Palermo's style is the fact that she's not afraid to re-use her clothes! I hate those people that are all about "wearing it only once." I think the beauty and art of fashion comes in when you have the ability to wear the same pieces in different ways. Enjoy. =D
sporting a seriously cute Hermes clutch and a pair of Kurt Geiger pumps


January 20, 2011


For the last few weeks I have been completely indulging myself with the guilty pleasures of what is HGTV. Like I had previously stated in one of my first entries; I moved to a new house 3 weeks ago and I am so excited to be able to make this my "home" for the next few years.
The house is absolutely perfect. Its a small cottage style home, with a wrap-around porch, white picket fence, porch swing, pool and avocado tree. Its the epitome of suburbia living and I am so completely into it!
I have two dogs, and they're also having the time of their lives. We went from a loft style 1 bedroom apartment to a house with a backyard-how could they not be loving every minute of it?!
The biggest challenge I've faced with moving though is all the empty space we have now! Which is great because I get to shop! =D But its also been really difficult because I haven't had the opportunity to paint or really decorate my apartment before...and for the first time ever I get to experiment with the joys (or headaches) or interior design!
I've always been really into interior design but never really did anything to practice it. The most I've ever done with interior design is furniture placement-but now I get to play with color! Its fantastic!
Sooo...I've taken the liberty to attach a few style inspiration pictures to give you guys a little glimpse of what I want my house to look like. Hopefully I can turn this into a DIY project and turn these inspiration pictures to reality <3.


January 13, 2011


What could possibly be considered more of an iconic fashion symbol than Chanel?
In this year's coming March; Karl Lagerfeld will be introducing a new handbag line called Mademoiselle. Excited? Just wait 'til you hear this! Guess who has been chosen to be the face of this new Mademoiselle line....none other than the beautiful and talented Blake Lively.
On January 5, Karl Lagerfeld announced his decision to the public. He chose Lively because of her "spontaneity and fresh, youthful image."
An extraordinary honor I'm sure, congrats Blake Lively! Your consistency with glamour and undoubted style has surely paid off. <3


January 12, 2011


A friend of mine from Highschool, Margo was involved in a tragic car accident on December 3rd 2010. She suffered a dislocation of the spine between vertebrae C4 and C5 which left Margo paralyzed from the shoulders down. Margo can feel her shoulders as well as flex the bicep in her left arm, which gives me cause to be optimistic that she will enjoy a fulfilling life. However, the Doctors at Jackson have advised that the rehab will take a minimum of 18 months, as well as necessitating many needed special adjustments and accommodations to most phases of their lives. As you can imagine, the expenses are projected to be quite considerable, and even though Margo was insured, the reality is that her family expects the financial burden to be quite massive. If I may be quite candid the entire ordeal is overwhelming, and it is difficult to endure such a financial obligation that was not planned.
For this reason, they have opened an account dedicated solely and exclusively for her benefit. If you are interested in contributing towards her recovery you can make a donation at your discretion, and please be sure that every donation no matter how large or small will greatly improve Margo's quality of life and go a long way in helping with her anticipated recovery.Thank you for all your love and support.
Bank: Wachovia
Isabelle Dahlson
ABA Routing number: 063000021
Account number: 1010292347065

January 6, 2011


Welcome Back followers!!
And a Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you all had a fabulous celebration awaiting 2011. =)
As for me, I celebrated conservatively...unlike many other NYE parties...I was actually, and still am, battling a horrific cold that seems to have found a warm and fuzzy new home in me...
On a lighter note though, a dear friend told me this should be taken as a sign. "Out with the bad, In with the good." I guess, whatever.
Aside from all this nonsense...let's talk fashion! The only remedy that seems to be getting me through the day...

What are your opinions on faux fur? Is it cute? Fashionable? Or just plain cheap?! Any thoughts?
In my opinion, there is nothing cuter, friendlier or more stylish than faux fur and not to mention pocket friendly!
Granted that owning real fur is a symbol of stature, wealth, class and elegance. But nowadays there is so much more one can do to emphasize that symbol than to purchase fur. And lets face it, when was the last time you saw a bunny rabbit and thought "oh, that would make a great scarf!?" Those poor innocent animals don't deserve to be killed for the sake of someones wealth status or fashion for that matter.
Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm no vegetarian or PETA enthusiast but there really is no need.
Which is why I think that faux fur is perfectly fine. Faux fur is cute, trendy, and the fact that the price is so much more economical lets you be on top with the latest trends-in as many styles as you desire!
Seriously, who could say no to that?
Rachel Zoe sporting a faux fur vest <3

Kim K sporting a faux fox vest <3