May 9, 2012


Shamelessly, I admit that I jumped on the bandwagon with the Fifty Shades trilogy. I was hesitant to begin to read it afraid that I wasn't going to connect with the characters because, lets face it, not too many of us are into BDSM. I lacked the insight to what the novel was really about before I began to read it, but now that I've read all three books, I could not be happier that I did.
Yes, the book is graphic. Yes, its a love story. And yes, its fiction; but I can't help that I feel like I've completely fallen in love with these characters.
Not to my surprise, this book is being turned into a movie, YES! Which is what brings me to write this post. I cannot stress the importance of depicting these characters correctly in the movie. One wrong move with the casting, and it'll go up in flames. We, as a whole, have the dire need to see what we've been reading, and although the characters have been left up to interpretation of each individual's "dream guy", these expectations need to be fulfilled. So, brace yourselves. I've compiled the top three of my favorites for your enjoyment.

Anastasia Steele:

Allison Williams, Camilla Belle, Shailene Woodley
 Christian Grey:

Matt Bomer, Chris Pine, Ian Somerhalder
Kate Kavanagh:

Blake Lively, Ashley Greene, Emmy Rossum 

Mrs. Robinson (Elena Lincoln):

Ellen Barkin, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone
Just a little something to get you thinking.

Hope you enjoyed!!


March 13, 2012


Color blocking has to be by far one of my favorite trends. But it is a trend not to be taken lightly. The last thing we need is a mess of people thinking "ooh colors!" and then they're walking around looking like a bowl of lucky charms....not cute.
I'd like to take a new spin on things this week with a more educational post...for the sake of society.
Color blocking or even pattern blocking, is quite easy once you have the guidelines.
I'd like to create a few quick and simple rules for your use and pair them up with some style inspiration.

1. One of the most important rules to color blocking is to always have a netural component to your outfit. This could be your accessories, shoes, your pants/skirt, your top or a blazer/jacket. Color is fun, but too much color is hazardous.
2. Another point to remember are the two options you have when color blocking. You could choose the 'hue' route or the 'complementary' route. The hue route is when you block colors that are within the same family, such as pink and red. The complementary route is when you block colors that, well, are complementary, such as orange and blue.

Here are some examples for your to consider:
This example screams all sorts of  'right'! The loose white blouse paired with the coral shorts and the complementing purple on the pumps works perfectly together.

A popping blue is a great palette for color blocking. Blue almost goes with everything. Since in this picture she's got a beige-toned handbag, I would color block with the shoes. I would pair this dress with a fun yellow pump or a purple. Have fun with it!

This is a perfect example of hue color blocking. Pink blouse paired with a pleated red skirt, a nude sandal and a complementary yellow bag as a statement. Beautifully done.

Olivia Palermo, my total style crush. In this picture the black pant is her neutral base. She's paired her orange peacoat with royal blue pumps-totally complements everything.

Last but not least, we've got a great color blocking platform sandal paired with a nude blouse. This is perfection.
Hope you've enjoyed!


February 22, 2012


So it's only fair that I begin by talking about my latest obsession: PINTEREST.
OMG. A way to organize, pin and inspire yourselves through pictures! And not only pictures, there are recipes and work-out routines and super cute outfits too! For the last few weeks I have been on there nonstop, let's not bring this up at our weekly status meeting at work, but it's so much fun! I can literally browse through endless amounts of pictures and just "repin" to my liking, and the best part is that there's no end. The pictures are constantly refreshing themselves so there's always something new to look at. It's seriously the latest craze. Everyone has one it seems like. OscarPRGirl has one, Nina Garcia has one...everyone!
So if you've been one of the many to jump on this band wagon, be sure to follow me!


February 3, 2012


In commemoration of the Heart Disease Association's "Go RED for Women" I've decided to do a little post about all things red that I love. And what's more appropriate than doing it during the red color enthusiast itself, February!
I'm talking about my favorite items ladies and gents, so brace yourselves.

RED dress:
Camilla Belle looks absolutely stunning in this red dress.
RED head:
Emma Stone as a red head = <3
RED lipstick:
M.A.C. 's Red Woo lipstick is by far the best blue-red lip color that exists.
RED polish:

OPI's "oh to be 25 again" is a perfect red for day or night!
RED bag:
Who doesn't love a classic red Kelly bag??
RED shoe:
Alright, so sue me. I didn't choose a red shoe per say but a red sole is by far the sexiest!

RED food:
Happy Valentine's


January 25, 2012


So I recently watched 'Crazy Stupid Love' and can we talk about Ryan Gosling for a minute?
I may be a little obsessed...but then again, who isn't? Seriously though, whoever styled him for the movie...mad props. He looked very sharp in every scene! From the variety of suits down to his towel. Excellent work. ;)
I don't think anyone has ever made eating a pizza in a green suit look so sexy.

He's like a walking merlot. Another round please!

I'll take a side of pin stripes with my merlot and my pizza. What a babe.

You're Welcome.

Hope you enjoyed!


January 11, 2012

WU for YOU

Happy New Year!
As one of my New Year's resolutions I aspire to write and update my blog once a week on Wednesdays! Lucky for you guys!
Anyhow, much to my surprise, I'm starting the new year with very positive surroundings. Its going to be a GREAT 2012.
Just to update my fellow followers..a lot has happend since my last update!
I got engaged. I got promoted at work....doing EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do for a while now. Remember all my events updates as an intern?? Well...I got that job permanently and I'm doing it big this year. Also, I'm buying a house....and planning a wedding-most importantly!!

However, even with all this thats been happening...I was so ecstatic to hear of Jason Wu's new collection to debut at Target on February 5!! Yay for us all! And thats not even the best part of it all-everything will be priced under $60!!!!

A little preview perhaps?


September 23, 2011


That's right ladies and gents, I claim to have found heaven on earth.
I have claimed this once or twice before on certain occasion here and when I walked into Bergdorfs or bought my first pair of Louboutins and actually slept with them on...
But this time, it has been so far beyond what I had ever imagined!
It's Moroccan Oil!! Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum. The whole works.
I have to admit, I had given up on my hair. It's long, dead and there was a whole lot of nothing going on. My hair-do of choice has always been a bun-its clean, sophisticated and takes about 2 minutes to put together. I've never really been one to pay much attention to my hair; enter: a dreamy little teal and white couple with orange font. Moroccan Oil's shampoo and conditioner has honestly changed my life.
My hair has NEVER felt so soft and healthy and shiny! And I've only used it once!!! I was so overwhelmingly excited about this new product that I got my hands on-I had to share!
The product is a bit on the pricey side but worth every dime.
Let me know if you guys try it and what you think! I can honestly say that I swear by this now! =)